Louie's Space
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Be Safe Around Electricity

Can you list the many ways you use electricity? If you started your list, you might be writing for a long time! Electricity powers our lights and keeps us cool. It runs machines, computers, televisions, and a thousand other things. Electricity is helpful and is one of the most useful forms of energy you'll study.

Electricity is a mighty force that's fun to learn about. Louie says that first we should: Learn to play it safe around Electricity!

Safety Rules - This is where everybody needs to start. Knowing Louie's safety rules is a must. Louie can help you learn to PLAY IT SAFE.

Did you know your body conducts electricity? That's right, it does. Learn what this means and how knowing this can keep you safe.

Louie's Safety Pledge - Print Louie's Electrical Safety Pledge and follow these rules to always PLAY IT SAFE.

After completing the safety section, print Louie's Space Certificate of Completion.

Electrical Safety Inside - Print this activity to identify 10 electrical safety hazards around the house.


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